Function of Beauty Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Sunday 21 March 2021

I think I've found one of my new favourite blog post topics; testing out the products that constantly show up on your Instagram ads, and reporting back on whether or not they are actually worth the pennies (because let's face it, these products are rarely purse-friendly), or whether their marketing is just really good.

So here it is, I'm about to spill the tea on Function of Beauty haircare. Yep, the customisable hair care brand that is all over your social media, with influencers and celebs alike singing its praises, claiming that they've 'broken up with drugstore shampoo' and using words like 'revolutionised' and 'life-changing'. 

I've had a couple of instances where I went onto the site with the intent of giving it a go, my eyes started watering at the prices, closed the tab and went about my day. 

So when my boyfriend found a code online for 50% off your first order, I decided now was the time to try it, and settle whether or not it was worth the bold claims once and for all.

So, how does it work?

Function of Beauty is fully customisable hair care, which is formulated especially with your hair type and hair goals in mind. You fill in the Hair Quiz on the website, where you're asked about your hair type, and are asked to select up to five hair goals. You can choose a silicone-free formula, and pick from a range of colours and scents (so obvs I went for pink). Et voila, you have haircare which is made just for you, and promises to help you achieve your dream hair!

Function of Beauty works on a subscription, and you can choose whether or not you get your top ups monthly, every other month, or just as and when you need it. But you can cancel at any time. I'd say the only thing to bear in mind is that the products ship from the US, so it takes a few weeks to get to you.

I went for a 250ml shampoo and conditioner, and full-price, it costs £29.95. I know, I know. Hella expensive for haircare. Even at 50% off, circa £15 for a small shampoo and conditioner is a far cry from your standard. I just had to close my eyes, enter my card details and hope it was worth the pennies.

Okay Sian, cut to the chase... what did you think?

You have no idea how much I wanted to tell you that the products were only okay. That they weren't worth the price tag, don't worry my loves, save your pennies and stick with your Herbal Essences or Garnier Hair Food because that's what I'm going to do.

I really wanted to tell you that, but I can't. 

My little Function of Beauty parcel arrived, with personalised pump-bottles, and cute little stickers. The pink products fit my aesthetic perfectly, and I chose a peach scent which was lovely and not overpowering.

For reference, the hair goals I chose were deep condition, fix split ends, colour protection, anti-frizz and shine. My hair is colour-treated, super-thick, subjected to heat styling on the daily and prone to frizz. 

I've been testing my haircare for a good six months or so now, and I'll be honest, I'm way more impressed than I thought I would be. I'd be lying if I said that I saw an instant, dramatic difference from the first use, but I did notice a difference in how soft my hair felt straight away. 

I started to see the biggest difference after about three weeks of use. My hair usually gets really frizzy at the roots, especially in the summer, and I really struggle to get shine into my hair and stop it from looking a bit dull. But I've never had shine like since I've been using Function of Beauty, and the frizz has been non-existent. 

The real test came when I'd run out of one bottle and I was waiting for my next. I temporarily reverted back to my previous shampoo and conditioner and my hair just did not feel the same. No matter how much I tried, it didn't feel properly clean, the frizz was back and my hair generally just seemed pretty unhappy. It was like my hair and scalp has all of a sudden gone boujie and refused to go back! 

So, there you have it. As much as I didn't want it to happen, I am now a Function of Beauty convert, and I ain't going back. I love it! I won't deny that it is expensive, but if you have the pennies to spare and you're curious, definitely give it a go.

Have you ever tried Function of Beauty?

Sian xo 


  1. I see these everywhere on Instagram and I loveeee the idea of them, I’ve wanted to the then my for ages but they seem quite expensive for shampoo and conditioner haha! Love the bottles of them tho!

    Courtney x

  2. I've repeatedly done the same, priced it up and then exited. But you've convinced me to spend now!