The Beauty Products That Lockdown Forgot

Sunday 28 February 2021


This bloody pandemic. It's changed everything, hasn't it? Work routines, commutes, social norms and even beauty routines.

Even though I've been going into the office as normal for lockdowns 2 and 3, I've definitely noticed some changes in my makeup and skincare routines that began to shift in lockdown 1 and have continued. My obsession with skincare has grown so much, I think that being at home all the time has really encouraged me to embrace my natural skin and take care of it. And with me not leaving the house much except for work and the supermarket, there are a fair few products that are gathering dust on my dressing table and bathroom shelf, which I do every so often look at longingly, wishing I had the need to use them. So I'm going to give them some love! Do you spot any products that you've been abandoning too?

Eyeshadow Palettes

When I first went back to work in July, I was still using my eyeshadow palettes on the daily, and I loved it. But lockdown 3 has made me less inclined to put that much effort into my make up for some reason! Now would be about the time of year that my lovely Spring palettes, with their pastel hues and pretty pinks start to make more of an appearance, but instead they're just sitting there unused. And while I am a bit sad about that fact, I just can't be bothered! One day, when I can go further than from the car to the office!

Full-Coverage Foundation

Okay so there has been the odd day where I have worn a full-coverage foundation for work, either because I'm having a bit of a breakout, or I feel like my foundations are being neglected! But as a rule, I'm just not feeling it! I tend to save full-coverage foundations for nights out, or dinners with friends, or cocktail nights (sob, I miss those!) but lockdown has given me a new-found appreciation for letting my skin breathe without foundation on. But it's such a shame, there are so many foundations that I love and I'm just not getting to use!

Fancy Perfume

Oh Marc Jacobs, how I miss you! I save my favourite perfumes like my Daisy Dream Forever for special occasions, but I just can't bring myself to count Friday office days or sitting in my living room watching the Avengers as a special occasion! I got a fresh bottle from my other half for Christmas and it's barely been touched, and I'm longing to use it! 


The AMOUNT of times I've picked up a lipstick, gone to apply it and then remembered that I'm about to put a mask on so there's no point. Sigh. I can't stand the thought of getting lipstick smeared all over my face and all over my mask, plus my lips are so dry with the cold weather, it's easier to just pop on a lipbalm and be done with it. But how I miss going on a night out wearing a classic red lip!


I did tan all summer last year even when we were in lockdown, and I don't usually bother in the winter anyway unless I'm going out. But because we haven't been able to go out, I haven't even used it on the odd occasion, and I miss it! I love getting a little boost from having a bit of a glow, and I'm itching for the spring months to come so I can start tanning regularly again!

What beauty products are you missing in lockdown?

Sian xo 


  1. I haven't self tanned in FOREVER and I'm starting to feel very pale but I can't bring myself to purchase a new one when I know that nobody will see it!

    1. I totally get that! I keep thinking about starting to tan again but I'm thinking I might leave it until April haha! xo

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