Beauty Empties #2

Sunday 10 May 2020

I loved writing my last Beauty Empties post so much, that I'm back with another!

This one is a little bit skincare-heavy, but that isn't surprising as I've only been wearing make up once a week to go to the supermarket recently! But there's plenty of skincare and haircare bits that I've been loving over the last few months, so let's dive in!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Haircare

Okay so I'll admit, I might have only bought these for the banana scent. But I'm so glad I did! I've just finished the shampoo & hair mask (the conditioner is still hanging in there, why do they never run out at the same time?!) and I'm definitely putting in an order for some more. They smell divine, like foamy banana sweets, and the shampoo does a really good job of thoroughly cleansing even my thick-af hair. I tend to use the mask once or twice a week, and it leaves my hair feeling so nourished (and again, smelling incredible. Not that I'm obsessed or anything!) But as a combination, the products do a really good job of keeping my hair in good nick, despite how much I punish it with a lot of heat.
Shop the shampoo here
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L'Oreal Professionnel CC Cream - Blonde

A couple of months ago, I decided to switch up my blonde slightly and go for more of an ashy shade. My hairdresser recommended that I use this colour correcting cream once a week, and it's been an absolute game changer in keeping my blonde ashy and looking fresh. I pop it on towel-dried hair, wait 5-10 minutes (usually by having a sing-along session in my bathroom), rinse. Brassy tones are banished, and my blonde looks brighter. It also smells like the salon, so by the time I'm done I feel like I've just stepped out of the hairdresser's, and I really dig that to be honest.
(Word of warning though, it's bright blue. And messy. But it's worth it, promise.)
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Beauty Pie Japanfusion Cleanser

I've just finished my second bottle of this cleanser, and I loved it as much as the first. I generally use it as my morning cleanse, which I think it's absolutely perfect for because of the light texture and refreshing feel on the skin. I pop it onto dry skin and I feel like it literally melts away any grime that my face might have picked up through the night, and provides the perfect base for the rest of my skincare routine. I'll be honest, if you're wanting a super deep cleanse, this cleanser probably isn't it, but because this is so lightweight, it's perfect for even sensitive skin like mine.
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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 

(In the interest of transparency, this item has been gifted to me by the brand previously, however I paid for this particular bottle out of my own money.)
I will never, ever be without this exfoliator again. It's gentle enough to use every day but leaves your skin feeling like new every single time. As a skincare fan, a daily exfoliator is almost unheard of, but the particles are so tiny, almost like a powder, so it doesn't feel abrasive on the skin at all, and has never irritated it at all.
I've been continuously using it for almost two years now, and it's been an absolute revelation as someone who's suffered from dry skin for years. Don't get me wrong, at £51 for a full-sized bottle, the Microfoliant isn't cheap, but in my mind, it is worth it and the full-sized bottle lasts me well over a year with daily use.
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The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

If I had to describe this cleanser in one word, it would be dreamy. I've been a die-hard fan of micellar water for removing make up for years but I must say, it's been fully replaced with this cleansing butter. It feels super luxurious on the skin, and takes off every scrap of make up (it's even okay to use to take eye make up off) and leaves my skin feeling really soft. The camomile feels really soothing for when my skin is having a bit of a sensitive episode, which I love. I'm now onto my second tub and I think it's going to be a staple on my bathroom shelf for a long time!
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Benefit Gimme Brow 

This is possibly one of my most repurchased products ever. And since we've been on lockdown, it's become even more of a staple, because when I do fancy putting on just a touch of make up, I'm all about a bit of Gimme Brow, BB cream, mascara and done. Minimal effort!
I've never found a brow gel that compares to Gimme Brow, it instantly grooms and adds volume to brows, with just a touch of colour which is locked in all day. 
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Tell me which beauty products you've been loving lately in the comments!

I hope you're all staying safe and well!

Sian xo


  1. Your pictures are super beautiful my lovely, I'm a massive fan of The Body Shop's skincare. I'm sending you so much love. Stay strong, stay home, stay safe. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. Ah thank you! Yes I love BodyShop skincare too, there's loads more I want to try from them! xo

  2. I loved reading this! Isn't the Beauty Pie Japan fusion Cleanser packaging just gorgeous <3

    1. It is, the whole range is just stunning (and super photogenic!) xo

  3. The banana scented products sound incredible! I have a coconut Garnier hair mask at the moment which I love so I'll keep this one in mind when mine runs out :)

    - charlotte /

    1. Ooooh I haven't tried the coconut one but have tried the papaya which was also really nice! xo

  4. I absolutely love the camomile cleanser! It’s so effective. By far the best makeup remover I’ve used. You can even use it on your eyes without fear it’ll sting. It’s amazing.