The 'I Should Have Stopped Pressing Snooze!' Beauty Routine

Sunday 1 March 2020

We've all been there. In fact, I'm there more or less once a week. You're all snuggly in your bed, until your alarm rudely tries to awaken you for the day. You hush its incessant chimes, hit the snooze button and figure that another five minutes tucked up under your duvet won't hurt.

Your alarm goes again (seemingly) thirty seconds later. You snooze. Still loads of time, you can just use your trusty dry shampoo today.

And again. Another five, you can always grab some breakfast when you get to the office.

The cycle continues, and before you know it, you're running around like a blue-arsed fly, have to leave the house in 20 minutes and you still resemble the walking dead.

Don't worry though, I got you. Because I am so well-versed in getting my make-up on in minutes, I've nailed a super-quick, easy-peasy routine to take you from dozy to office-ready in a flash.

Step One: Pixi Glow Mist
I love using this as a primer to wake up the skin, especially on days where I'm looking a bit tired. Plus it takes seconds to spritz on my face.

Step Two: IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream
This is a recent find but I love it. It gives full-coverage but is really breathable, and it's so easy to blend out so it doesn't take long to apply.

Step Three: Beauty Pie Translucent Loose Powder
I never would include a loose powder in these types of posts normally, because loose powder can be so. Bloody. Messy. BUT this is an exception. Because the lid is so cleverly designed, the powder doesn't go everywhere the second that you open it up. Dab, blot, ta-daaaa.

Step Four: Benefit Gimme Brow
Gimme Brow is my absolute holy grail brow product. I would never be without it, and it's perfect for morning where I don't have time to be messing about with a palette or a pencil. You simply swipe it along the brows and you're done, left with fuller, tamed brows as a result.

Step Five: Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blush
Cream blush has 100% been a game changer for me in the last year, and I could talk about this product all day long. The pigment is just lovely, the shades are super-flattering and the colour is so build able. No messing about with brushes when you're in a rush. Dab onto cheeks with your fingers, and go. Pretty flush of colour that lasts all day.

Step Six: Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
I absolutely love this mascara, especially when I need to get out of the door quickly. You get fluttery, lengthened lashes in just a couple of swipes. I always keep one in my make up bag and I can't see that stopping any time soon!

What are your favourite products for a quick routine?

Sian xo

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Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara


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  3. I’m loving the trestique mascara. It has an inbuilt curler!