The Skincare Routine For People Who Don't Have Time For Skincare

Sunday 19 January 2020

I hear it time and again from my friends.

'I don't have time for a full skincare routine!'

Honestly, it makes me shudder.

But, I do get it. When you're busy, or rushing around in the morning, the last thing you can be bothered to do is stand there and put a million and one lotions and potions onto your face.

Because I'm passionate about skincare (and also scared of wrinkles), I make the time. SO, for those of you who are too busy for skincare, I have put together a little list of the best products that are quick, fuss-free and will give you a full (ish) routine without spending forever in front of you bathroom mirror.

Garnier Micellar Water
There are loads of brands that offer a micellar water option now, but Garnier is far and away my favourite. Perfect for removing make up fully and quickly after a long day at work or a few too many gins (because please don't ever go to bed without taking your make up off, and please for the love of all things sacred throw your face wipes in the bin!) Swipe, swipe, done. No excuse.

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Cleanser
This has been a fairly recent beauty find for me, but I'm obsessed. This cleanser has such a lovely lightweight texture, suitable for all skin types. It removes make up, cleanses and refreshes skin, and doesn't involve faffing about with a face cloth. All you need to do is apply, mix with water, rinse off. So simple. (Side note: Beauty Pie is a brand which tends to involve a subscription. If that isn't your bag, Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser is very similar!)

Pixi Glow Tonic Toner
Toner is a step which I think a lot of people miss out, but it's so easy to include in your routine because it literally takes a second to swipe over your face. And Glow Tonic is my HOLY GRAIL. This is the only toner I use these days, and I wouldn't ever be without it. It tones, brightens, and gently exfoliates, and leaves you with alllllllll glow. 

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask
I know what you're thinking on face masks. Too messy, takes too long. Right?
I used to think the same. But sheet masks in general have been an absolute game changer for me. The Garnier ones are my favourite because they provide so much moisture for my poor, dry skin. They take a mere 15 minutes, they're no mess, no fuss and are almost always on offer in Boots or Superdrug. Win-win.

[GIFTED] Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream
This is my favourite moisturiser ever, especially for when I'm in a rush, for the simple fact that it sinks straight into the skin and doesn't feel sticky or like there's residue sitting on my skin afterwards. Which means I can get more or less straight on with putting on my make up, without having to wait for ages for my moisturiser to absorb properly.

Dr. Botanicals Superfood Pomegranate Sleeping Mask
If you're not a fan of sitting for 15 minutes with a face mask on, this product is 100% for you. You just pop it on before bed, and allow it to absorb while you sleep. You don't even need to rinse it off in the morning, you just wake up with nourished, super-soft skin. And because it's basically like a slightly thicker moisturiser, you don't need to worry about waking up with gross residue all over your pillow. An absolute must-have.

Have you ever tried any of these products? If you go ahead and try them after reading this, let me know over on my social media how you get on! It's @siankathrine on Twitter on Instagram!

Sian xo

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