Birchbox vs. Glossybox: The Ultimate Beauty Box Battle

Sunday 29 April 2018

Anyone who has been following me for a while will know that I am a very loyal Glossybox subscriber. I've been receiving Glossyboxes every month for the last two and a half years and I still get giddy every time they land on my doorstep.

But I have to admit, as loyal as I am to Glossybox, when Birchbox released their Cath Kidston special edition box for April, my head was turned. I love Cath Kidston, they're one of my favourite brands and for the same price as a Glossybox with all the same promise, I couldn't resist giving it a try. I've had quite a few people asking me which box I prefer and which I'll stick with - so I thought I'd write a little post putting the two ultimate beauty boxes to the test. But which one has won me over?

The packaging.

While Glossybox do send out special edition boxes from time to time, their pink boxes are instantly recognisable. classic, sleek and very very pretty. But, in this instance, the Birchbox stole my heart away. I adore Cath Kidston branding anyway, and the floral box just looks absolutely gorgeous!

The products.

In my April Glossybox post, I gave a run down of all the products I received - so I won't bore you to tears by going through them all again! The theme for the box this month was nostalgia and while the products were fab, I'd love to see a little more variety box-to-box between skincare and make up, as they always seem to be dominated by either one or the other.

I unwrapped my Birchbox to find SEVEN products (two were for referring a friend, mind you), almost all of which I've tried and loved. The diddy travel-sized Cath Kidston hand cream has been perfect for me to keep in my desk drawer and smells absolutely beautiful! I've also been loving the Fill + Tame brow gel, which has been a perfect dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow (and slightly easier on the purse strings!) The only little complaint I have is with the Model Co Baked Highlighter I received - beautiful colour, but I can't open it without a pair of tweezers as the catch just won't work! 

I just have to mention the referral reward with Birchbox, just because I was so impressed! One of the girls in my office was also looking to purchase, so I sent her my referral code. As a result, she received her first box for half price, and I got a £5 voucher for the Birchbox shop and this beautiful little Cargo blusher and Spectrum brush! I love Spectrum brushes so I couldn't have been more chuffed, and the blusher is the perfect combination of colours to give you a subtle summer glow. All of that, just for referring a friend! Amazing!

The Verdict?

Honestly? I'm still not 100% swayed either way! I think this month, Birchbox just has the edge, based on the beautiful packaging and a wider variety of products than Glossybox. But I genuinely think both boxes are very good value for money, full of lovely products. Will I be making the switch to Birchbox? Well... Maybe I'll have to get both for another month or two before I can decide!

Have you ever tried either of these boxes? Which is your favourite?

Sian xo


  1. Oooh great comparison! I've only ever had one Birchbox (which I won) and whilst I loved the products, it's not something I'd probably pay for. I'm yet to try a GLossybox but you're right, their packaging is stunning!


    1. Yeah they send out some fab products! I know it can seem a lot to pay month in month out (I just do it because I'm addicted hahaha) but they're also quite nice to buy one off as a treat! xo

  2. I don't have a subscription to either of these boxes, but they both look so intriguing! I love the design of the Cath Kidston Birchbox, looks so gorgeous.

    Amy |

    1. I know - I'm definitely going to keep the box as I just couldn't bear to throw it again! xo

  3. I think Birchbox would win for me too, the design is so pretty too xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  4. I've never had a Glossybox or Birchbox mainly because I don't know if they have cruelty free or vegan products in there!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  5. I love birchbox but they don't ship to Spain :( I wanted to get a subscription but couldn't in the end. I think that Glossy box does so maybe I will. Do you think it is a good money investment?

    1. Oh no! That sucks :( I love Glossybox - def worth the money because there's quite a few bits e.g. primers and moisturisers that I rarely ever have to buy! xo

  6. I'm a Birchbox girl! I've discovered so many great products through them!

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