My Top 10 Cheer Up Films

Sunday 25 March 2018

One of my favourite ways to deal with a bad day is to get snuggled under my duvet with a cuppa and watch a film (or four). It's just a certain way of clearing whatever it is that's been going on in my head that day, escaping to another world and hopefully, making me laugh a little along the way. So, I thought I'd put together a little list of my ultimate 'Cheer Up' films, the films I rely on to make me feel better when I'm not feeling myself.

1. The Lion King

If you know me at all, you'd probably guess that this would be on here as it's my all-time favourite. And yes, I cry when Mufasa dies every time but even when I'm low, sometimes a good cry helps, even if it is over a fictional character!

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I challenge anyone to watch this film and not wiggle just a little bit when Ferris Bueller is dancing to Twist and Shout on top of a carnival float. For anyone who hasn't heard of this absolute classic, it follows the adventures of three teenagers around Chicago when they decide to skip school for the day, and it is guaranteed to make you smile. 

3. Tangled

My second favourite Disney film, there's just something about belting out the soundtrack the whole way through which makes me really happy! Rapunzel is also probably the funniest Disney princess out there, in my opinion.

4. The Full Monty

This film is an absolute classic, and if you've never seen it, please just get it watched! I think a bit part of why I love it so much though is because it is set in Sheffield, and is complete with shots of the city which just remind me of home (as well as the Yorkshire accents!) Plus, if a load of middle-aged men thrusting to Hot Stuff in a queue doesn't make you smile, nothing will!

5. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Don't get me wrong, I love the entire Harry Potter series, but there's something about the first film which just cheers me up whenever I feel rubbish. It's probably the innocence of Harry and his friends, when you're just laying eyes on Hogwarts and everything the magical world is capable of which excites me every time!

6. Love Actually

(Yes I am very aware that this is a Christmas film, but I watch it all year round with no regrets.) When you're feeling a bit sad, there's nothing like being reminded that 'love, actually is all around' to warm your heart. Plus Hugh Grant dancing is bloody hilarious.

7. Beauty & the Beast

I'm referring to the 2017 version here. I've always loved the animated classic, but the soundtrack on the new version and the visuals just give the film a little something extra which makes me happy every time. Not to mention the cast is incredible.

8. Four Weddings & A Funeral 

Can you tell I'm a fan of 80s/90s films? I love a good wedding anyway and this film obviously is full of them, plus anything with a young Hugh Grant in with his big geeky glasses and I am here for it!

9. Mean Girls

The most quotable film of all time, even if you're not even watching it, just shouting out the script by heart is guaranteed to make you giggle! 'I WANT MY PINK SHIRT BACK!'

10. The Greatest Showman

Okay, I've only seen this once, but I know that the soundtrack is currently helping to make me smile on a daily basis. And once it's out on DVD I will probably have it on on repeat. 

What are your favourite cheer up films?

Sian xo


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  2. Oh babe, any Disney movie ever cheers me up! I adore this blog post. Thank you for sharing 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. Ahh same, I just love a good Disney film to make me smile! Glad you enjoyed reading honey xo

  3. Disney when I’m feeling a bit down literally transports me back to carefree childhood days. My go to film for when I’m super down has got to be Mamma Mia!!

    1. OMG I didn't even think of Mamma Mia, how bad is that?! I adore that film! xo

  4. I'm sorry but THE LION KING?! A CHEER ME UP FILM?! I'm 25 years old and only seen that film 3 times in my life because I get so hysterical, it's an actual joke hahahaha! Although a lot of other Disney films are definitely cheer up films. I recently watched Moana for the first time (I know, about a lifetime too late) and it was amazing! Great post!


    1. Hahahaha I definitely see your point tbf! Ahh I love Moana, although I've watched it so many times because it's my niece's favourite! xo

  5. We share many loves for feel good films! The Lion King and Harry Potter are always winners in my eyes! Still yet to watch The Greatest Showman - though I have heard many, many, great things about it! x x x

    1. Yes girlllll you have amazing taste! Oh you must watch the Greatest Showman - it's incredible! xo

  6. Love actually, the holiday and PS I love you would have to be my favourite cheer up films, I just love them all so much, and the fact that 2 are set around Christmas just adds to the cheer up ability for me! The Greatest Showman is an amazing film to though, I think I watched this three times in the space of a month... xx