24 Life Lessons at 24

Sunday 28 January 2018

24. Mid-twenties. The kind of age where I expected that I'd be a fully-fledged adult, preferrably married, with a baby on the way. A big house and a steady job, you know?

Well I'm 24 tomorrow, and my life hasn't quite worked out the way I'd pictured it would have done by this age. And don't get me wrong, I am more than okay with that. But I've learned a hell of a lot of life lessons in my 24 years. And I thought, what better time to share some than for my birthday post!

1. Drawing rings around your eyes in black kohl isn't a good look on anyone.
2. You actually very rarely 'stay in touch with people', no matter how often you promise.
3. I definitely should have learned to drive when I was 17.
4. It's okay to admit that you've had a hard time.
5. Shutting people out is never, ever a good idea. In my case, you have your besties just turn up on your doorstep when you try!
6. Sixteen year old me definitely wasn't fat. And I frequently wish I could have told her so!
7. I definitely should have savoured every moment of uni that little bit more.
8. Don't listen to what those girls used to say about you. Eventually, it'll be the making of you.
9. There's nothing wrong with coming from a 'broken home', and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
10. You'll make the best friends that you'll ever have at uni.
11. You'll always hate it, but Mum is always right.
12. Bad boys are not good for you!
13. On the note of boys, don't care so much about what they think! Other things need to come first.
14. You should have binned your hair crimpers way before you did. Seriously.
15. It's okay to not have your shit together by your early twenties. Let yourself live before worrying about all of that.
16. An adventure doesn't have to be to some far-off corner of the world to count as an adventure. Exploring your own city or taking a drive to your nearest woods is just as good.
17. Sometimes, it's the ones that you least expect that stick around.
18. Don't feel guilty about being a little bit selfish sometimes.
19. Your weight doesn't define your worth.
20. Your mental health is so, so important. Look after it.
21. Don't let anyone ever talk down to you or make you feel inferior.
22. Life won't always go according to your plan. But there's nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board.
23. You'll always go running back to your mum sometimes, no matter how old you are.
24. The people who aren't supposed to give up on you, may do just that. Luckily though, you can still choose your family.

Do you relate to any of these?

Sian xo


  1. I adore this blog post so much babe, I really enjoyed reading it. I relate to so many things which you listed and was nodding my head everytime haha! Thank you for sharing πŸŒΈπŸ’œ✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.alishavalerie.com | www.twitter.com/alishavalerie

    1. Thank you for reading babe, I'm glad you enjoyed it! xo

  2. I know what you mean about the kohl around your eyes, I used to do that all the time! You can't get rid of me though, I'm always here for you no matter what angel!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Haha, I think every girl our age made that mistake! What possessed us?! I appreciate you so much Amie, I hope you know that <3 xo

  3. Life is just full of lessons! They make us who we are. Even the lesson about the eyeliner. Which seems to be a lesson every girl has learned at one part of their life

    Rebecca x

    1. Absolutely! Including the most difficult lessons - it all makes you stronger! Haha yes the eyeliner one is incredibly important! xo

  4. All of these life lessons are so so true! Fab post lovely xx

  5. I’m 25 and feel the same as you. My life definitely didn’t go to plan - it went the opposite way to the plan! I’m not where I want to be but you’ve just gotta get on with it haven’t you? I love these lessons and points, especially the one about hair crimpers (why?) and not having your shit together. Times have changed and times are hard and we’re all doing the best we can. Also A BLOODY MEN to the point about adventure not having to be travelling far and wide. I feel that we get travel shoved down our throats so much now and for some people it’s just not doable (and some people just don’t want to either) and that’s fine.


    1. Ah I love this comment! It's so easy to beat yourself up if things haven't gone the way you expected isn't it?! The thing is everyone is just muddling through and hoping they're getting it right! It's so hard being in your 20s too, I never would have even known! YES absolutely! There's a lot of pressure surrounding the idea that if you haven't travelled the world, you haven't lived. Don't get me wrong, I love going abroad but at the same time I think there's a lot of beautiful places on our doorstep that are just SO underappreciated! xo

  6. I love this post, so inspirational! I definitely wished I’d treasured my time at uni more and made more friends, I don’t have anyone to hang out with now. I hope to ‘get in touch’ with some of them but as we all know, that won’t happen!

    Amy | hookedonthemusic.com

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it honey! Yeah same, I've been kinda lonely since I finished uni and I just miss the buzz of uni life so much! xo

  7. Agreed about the adventuring thing. I sometimes just drive a different route where I'm going somewhere or I'll go to a different cafe and it all feels like a bit of adventure :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Absolutely! It's sometimes the little, unplanned adventures that are the best! xo