23 Things I Haven't Figured Out By 23

Friday 27 January 2017

When you're little, you consider people in their early 20s to be old. Proper grown-ups. People who have their life together. Right?

Well it's my 23rd birthday at the weekend, and I can tell you that I certainly do not have my life together. Not even a little bit. I'm basically trying to muddle through, hoping that at some point this 'adulting' thing will all fall into place.

So, instead of a traditional birthday blog post, here's a little list of 23 things that I definitely haven't figured out by 23. Hopefully it'll give you a chuckle!

1. What the hell it is I'm going to do with my life. Journalist? Housewife? Stripper? Membership Sales Consultant at a gym forever? Who knows.

2. How to iron properly. I can just keep hanging stuff up straight out of the wash and hope the creases drop out, right?!

3. How to cook anything other than risotto and spaghetti bolognese. I'm definitely not wifey material yet.

4. How people/my housemate/other bloggers can be so bloody organised when I can barely remember to get up for work on time.

5. How to contour and not look like I have mud on my face.

6. How to do any other hairstyle except down and curly. Maybe I'll branch out before I'm 24. Maybe.

7. How to not be a wussy when it comes to sad films/ TV shows. ALL THE TEARS.

8. Why eating healthily is so bloody difficult.

9. The point of decaf coffee????

10. What the big deal is over The Walking Dead. 

11. The difference between being nice and being a pushover. Where's the line? I have no idea.

12. How to stay awake past 1am on a night out. It's well past jammies and food time by then.

13. How proper grown-ups juggle a full time job, family, keeping a house AND have a social life?? Do you all have time turners or something??

14. How to resist the Benefit/MAC/Bare Minerals/Urban Decay counters.

15. How to make my eyebrows look 'on fleek'. I'm definitely more of a throw on some eyebrow pencil and hope for the best kinda girl.

16. How to get ready in under an hour and not look like I've been living in a cave for the last 1000000  years.

17. How to pose for outfit blog post photos. Forever awkward in front of the camera.

18. How sharing a bottle of wine works. Isn't one each normal? I'm so confused.

19. On that note, why is red wine a thing? I've been told I'm just not grown up enough for it yet. When will this happen? Still tastes like vinegar to me.

20. How to walk in heels.

21. How to not be completely useless at replying to texts.

22. How to keep my room tidy. Am I just doomed to be messy forever? Probably.

23. How I'm going to figure all of this out by the time I'm 24.


Sian xo


  1. Re-reading this had me howling!!!
    1. Why will you never let me show kid pics when this is on here?!
    2. How is “stripper” even one of these options???
    3. Have you not worked out hair straighteners do a similar job to an iron😂
    4. You still need to trust me with your hair for up-dos
    5. Number 16??? Never gonna happen
    6. Sharing a bottle just means that the one in the fridge is cold when you are ready to share the next!!!!!
    And finally... you need to do a reflection on this as you finished with how you would be coming by up to 24!

    1. 1. Because you have pics from the age of 5 upwards, when I was less cute. I was still quite cute in this one!!
      2. Stripper is an option because I may become desperate for money when no other career option works! Don't worry though, I'll move in with you guys before it comes to that ;)
      3. No I haven't worked that out, however I do have Dan now who can iron ;D
      4. Up-dos will just never be a thing. Ever.
      5. You're right, never going to happen.
      6. That's the only time that sharing is acceptable.
      Love ya xo