July Goals

Friday, 1 July 2016

Okay, let's give a couple of monthly goals posts a go, see if they give me motivated...

(It also seems wrong to be writing a July goals post whilst it's pouring it down outside.)

1. Keep on top of my blogging schedule.

I've been pretty slack over the last couple of weeks, I'll admit. I've missed out on posts completely (which I've now rescheduled for a later date), not stuck around very long during Twitter chats, and just generally been a bit half-arsed. But this month, I'm determined to keep on top of everything and get into a proper blogging routine!

2. Sort out my mental health.

For quite a few months now, my mental health has been taking a downwards turn. I'm finding my low periods are becoming more frequent and more intense and though I know it's probably almost entirely circumstantial, with uni deadlines and moving home, it still sucks. I'm now back on meds and I'm going to get myself back on track, by obviously taking them, and by looking after myself more, taking me-time, eating healthier and spending time with people who make me smile. Hopefully, by the end of July, I'll start feeling more like myself!

3. Smash the End of Season Sale.

Things are about to get pretty intense at work with the sale! It's my first sale in my new store and the first one as a manager so I'm determined to smash whatever comes my way and prove myself during this ridiculously busy time!

4. Get exercising.

Anything. ANYTHING. Even walking Harvey more often, just something to get me moving and feeling a little healthier. My friend wants me to be her gym buddy so by the end of the month I need to have sorted out a membership and make sure I've been at least a few times! (If anyone wants to give me a couple of nudges during July, I would be eternally grateful!)

What do you want to achieve this July?

Sian Kathrine xo


  1. I like your goals, they're not completely unbelievable. Your 4th goal reminded me that I was suppose to join a gym this month...whoops.

    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to make sure that my goals are realistic, otherwise I'll just end up annoyed at myself when I don't achieve them! Yeaaaaaah the fourth one hasn't really happened yet... But I still have half of the month to go, right?! xo