Dear 15 Year Old Sian,

You think life's tricky now? Trust me, it's about to get a lot more complicated.

Let me give you a few words of advice.

You're going to make one hell of a lot of mistakes. From thinking you can pull of blue eyeliner, to your awful taste in boys. You'll look back one day and shudder and cringe at the poor life decisions you make. But you know what, mistakes are part of growing up. Embrace it. And stay away from the hair crimpers. Seriously...

At this point, you think you have your life mapped out. Meticulously planned, right down to the last detail. Unfortunately, plans often go awry. The career path that you wanted more than anything else in the world might not turn out to be as glamorous as you first thought. And you might not be married with two kids (one of each, obviously) and a big house and a neat little lawn by the time you're thirty. Don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board. Don't beat yourself up when you come full circle and move back home after university. Don't freak out when your plan falls apart. Take a step back and let life happen. It'll all come together in the end. I hope.

Maybe think about learning how to cook? Properly cook. Believe it or not, living off toast and super noodles just isn't a thing.

Pray more. Pray every day. At least once. You think that you know better, and there'll be times where you think that God is ignoring you, or has given up on you, but He hasn't. Please, whatever you do, don't let your faith slip away. There'll come a time where it feels like it's all you have.

Hide anything you don't want your sister to get her grubby little mitts on. She gets worse at stealing your stuff as she gets older. And I know your brother seems like the spawn of Satan right now, but he actually turns out to be the only guy you can depend on. Love him, even when he's being a shit.

Boys are going to hurt you. More than once. And when that happens, it's going to be excruciatingly painful. We both know how deeply you feel, how you wear your heart on your sleeve and how willing you are to fall in love. And that's okay, but brace yourself for heartbreak. You may feel like the heartbreak will never end, but take it from me, it will. It'll take your time, but one day you'll find yourself happy again without even noticing it.

In the meantime, don't focus so much on what boys think of you. Focus on your friends. Focus on your family. Focus on working hard at school and achieving your dreams. You don't need a boy to complete you. Especially not the ones you pick. You really do have awful taste.

Oh, and listen to Mum more. Annoyingly, she's always right.

Enjoy being young, because the older you get, the messier life becomes. Every so often, it'll feel like you're going through hell and back, but you'll be okay. I promise.


22 Year Old Sian