Wednesdays have recently become date day with my friend Ross. Mostly involving shopping for homeware (because who doesn't love homeware?!) But when the lovely people at Taco Bell sent me out a voucher for a meal for two, I knew it was perfect Wednesday date material!

We visited the Taco Bell on Division Street in Sheffield, a restaurant that I've walked past countless times, but never really thought to go in to. But I'd seen a lot of photos all over my friends' social media of yummy-looking food and raving about how amazing it was, so I was excited to see what they had to offer.

I expected the restaurant to feel a lot like you were sitting in a fast-food place, which screaming children and sticky tables and chips all over the floor. I was actually pleasantly surprised, the atmosphere in Taco Bell was quite relaxed, it was really clean and not so loud and bustling that I felt like I needed to eat as quickly as possible and leave. To quote Ross, "It's like, posher than McDonald's, isn't it?"

The meal for two that we had was amazing value for money. It included nachos, quesadillas, two tacos, two portions of chips and two drinks. All of that for only £9.99, which I thought was a really good price for the amount of food you get.

Most importantly, the food was SO yummy. The quesadillas in particular were to die for! They were a little more spicy than I'd usually like, but I loved them. I ate so much that it sent me into a full on food-coma... But I was very much okay with that.

Overall, both Ross and I loved our first Taco Bell experience, we'll definitely be back!

Have you ever been to Taco Bell before? What did you think?

Sian Kathrine xo