Saturday, 28 November 2015

My younger sister and I have quite a few little traditions. Every Christmas, we decorate the tree at my mum's house together, drape ourselves in tinsel and dance around the house to Christmas songs. Whenever she comes to visit me, we have to go and get our nails done. And whenever I take a trip back home, we have to go to Cupcakes. It's just the rules.

Cupcakes is a super cute little coffee shop, tucked away in the corner of the retail park in Gainsborough town centre. Decorated in bright magenta, Cupcakes it warm and welcoming and serves every kind of cupcake you can think of, from Vanilla to Chocolate Orange, from Red Velvet to Sherbert. All home-made, all incredibly yummy!

My sister and I first started visiting Cupcakes about four years ago, when I was still living at home. We'd meet up after school/sixth form every Tuesday, have a walk into town and go to Cupcakes before heading to the youth group where she was a member and I was a volunteer. We'd spend a good hour in there, staying out of the cold and we'd talk, laugh, swap icing from our chosen cakes and chat about things that we wouldn't really talk about at home. It became our little sanctuary, where we could spent time just the two of us, sisters and best friends.

Even now, whenever I go home, we have to have a trip to Cupcakes. I have so many fully stamped loyalty cards that they probably owe me a year's supply of free drinks!

My favourite cupcake ever has to be the Cookie Dough (pictured), the icing is just incredible! I try to branch out and get different ones but I end up going back to Cookie Dough every time.

It may be little, but Cupcakes remains one of my favourite places ever. Not just for its amazing cake and yummy hot chocolates, but because I get such lovely times there with my baby sister.

Do you have any special places you love to go to?

Sian Kathrine xo


  1. Awh how lovely! It's so cute that you and your sister have a special little place. I don't really have many special places but Cupcakes sounds amazing!xx

  2. Thankyou sweetie! I'm quite lucky because me and my sister are very close and we love spending time together :) Cupcakes is amazing, I wish there was more than just the one shop because it'd be so popular! xo

  3. Ohh that cupcake looks so good. Such a lovely tradition, I love those places we need to go to each year!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Honestly, they're incredible cupcakes! Thank you for reading xo