50 Day Goals

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Two minutes ago, I was curled up on my mum's sofa with a glass of wine, seeing in 2015. Then I blinked and all of a sudden there's only fifty days of this year left!

Everyone will soon be thinking about their New Year's Resolutions, but I'm not finished with 2015 yet. Fifty days isn't a long time, but I'd love to make them count. I've set myself a few little goals which I'm planning to achieve before Big Ben strikes midnight to bring in the New Year.

1. Get through all of my university deadlines
This one is without a doubt my biggest and most important goal. My ongoing battle with my mental health can often make getting motivated to do work incredibly difficult, but I'm determined to end this term on a high. If I could hit all my deadlines, and know that against all the odds, I've put forward my best work, I will be a very happy girl.

2. Reach 800 Twitter followers
I know it isn't all about the numbers, but you can't deny that hitting a follower milestone before 2016 wouldn't be amazing, right? As it stands I'm on 724, so I think 800 as a goal is realistic. 800 people seeing my tweets means 800 people that my blog could reach, and as I start to write more mental health, student help and general advice posts, that's more people that I could help, and that's a pretty amazing idea!

3. Finish decorating my living room
I've FINALLY decided on the colour scheme that I'm going for! Ever since I moved into my house in May I've kept changing my mind about what I want and continually run out of funds! But I'd love to start the New Year with a beautiful, freshly decorated living room!

4. Get into a proper healthy eating routine
My schedule's been so hectic recently that my eating pattern is completely messed up. I'm just eating whatever I can grab when I have a spare half an hour, I'm not actually eating proper meals half of the time, and after late finishes at work I'm starving and snacking at 11pm. I really want to try to get back into the habit of eating regular meals and eating more healthily. But, the Christmas rush at work is coming so we'll see!

5. Start saving for driving lessons
Having to rely on public transport is really starting to get to me now, and more than ever I want to be able to drive. Even if I can put away £20 for one lesson between now and New Year, that'll at least be a start.

Do you have any goals for the next fifty days?

Sian Kathrine xo


  1. Urgh I am so not done with 2015 either, it just went so quickly! I love looking back on what I've achieved and what happened that I would never have imagined to happen. Definitely agree with healthy eating, working in a pub on evenings, my schedule has been so bad. And I have actually passed my driving test this year (it was my big resolution) but I haven't been able to afford insurance and relying on lifts and buses is driving me insane too!! Good luck with your resolutions!


    1. I know, a year sounds like such a long time but before you know it, it's gone! Ooooh yeah, pubs must be even worse! It's so difficult to get into a proper eating routine when you work funny shifts :/

      Well done for passing your test, that's awesome! Yeah it's a pain because once you've actually passed it's so expensive to actually get yourself going with a car and insurance and tax and all of that rubbish. Hopefully you'll get it sorted soon though! xo

  2. I can't believe this year is nearly over, it's crazy! My goal for the next 50 days would be to pay off my credit card! It's very boring but essential! aha. When I had my driving lessons, I used to put away eighty pound as soon as I got paid and that was a months worth of driving lessons covered. Good luck with all of your goals! Hopefully, I've just helped push you further towards your twitter goal!xx

    1. I know it's gone so quickly! Ooooh I hate that bit of having a credit card haha, needs must though! Ooooh that's a good idea, actually, I might have to do that, and then I don't have to save a lump sum before getting started.

      Thankyou so much lovely! xo

  3. You're right, this year has gone crazy quick! Great goals though, I really hope you manage to get sorted for your driving lessons! x

    Viva Epernay ❤