Salsa Sunday

Sunday, 20 September 2015
Hello lovelies!

I usually spend my Sundays watching films, eating a tonne of food and generally avoiding leaving the house as much as possible. But in the last couple of months I've discovered a new hobby which has quickly become the highlight of my week.

Every Sunday morning, without fail, my friend Mollie and I text each other saying "HAPPY SALSA SUNDAY!" It was her who got me into salsa lessons in the first place, dragging me along to  her Sunday evening class with the promise of "It'll be fun, you'll love it!"

I was pretty sceptical. I'm not a natural dancer, and the thought of dancing with a guy I'd never met before, without falling flat on my face... It set my anxiety going a little bit to be honest.

At Cubana's, there are three classes you can have a go at; beginners, improvers and advanced. You're all paired up and as the class goes on, you rotate around the room, changing partners every few minutes. It seems scary, but it basically forces you to chat to new people and get to know them, which is basically how I've made friends! The beginners' class really breaks down every step, and the teacher is fantastic and doesn't move on until everyone has got it, which is really helpful when you're new to salsa.

After the classes, there's social dancing, there's social dancing, where we ask each other to dance (cute, right?) and we practice and chat. This part of Salsa Sunday is really fun and I love picking up tips from more advanced dancers. You seem to learn something from everyone you dance with, which then makes you a better dancer.

Salsa Sundays have built my confidence and helped me make so many new friends, I love having this extra social circle. And despite my previous doubts, I am actually getting better at the dancing bit! I tried the improvers' class for the first time last week, and although it was much more fast-paced and the steps were more complicated, I just about managed to keep up!

I still have a lot to work on though, at the minute my issue is turns. I can't turn, at all. I either spin the wrong way and confuse my partner, or spin way too enthusiastically and completely lose control of the turn and nearly fall over. Sometimes, it's a combination of both.

Have any of you ever tried salsa?

Sian Kathrine xo

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