How to Survive Fresher's Week

Sunday, 13 September 2015
Hello lovelies!

Fresher's Week is getting closer by the minute and pretty soon the carnage will ensue. If you're getting ready to start your first year at uni and can't wait for the big week, here are my top tips for making the most of it.

1. Plan- but not too much

From the second you opened your results, you'll have received oodles of Facebook invites to the various Fresher's events at your chosen uni, encouraging you to buy tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment. While it might be worth having a look into some of them, don't plan your week down to the last minute. You don't necessarily know what your new flatmates or course-mates will want to do, and there will be so much for you to choose from on any night and if push comes to shove, there's always reps on the streets with wristbands and tickets to clubs on the night anyway. Allow yourself a little bit of flexibility!

2. Fresher's Fairs are the best

Even if you're incredibly hungover and don't feel like you can function, drag your sorry bum to the fresher's fair even if it's just for the freebies! (They gave out slices of Domino's pizza at mine, if that helps persuade you.) But beyond that, you get to know what going on in and around campus, grab offers and sign up for sports and societies. I cannot stress enough how important societies are. They add so much more to your university experience, by either trying something new or keeping up with a passion you already have, you make new friends and can use it to escape from the stress of studying!

3. It isn't all about the booze!

I know that everyone thinks that you don't spend more than ten minutes sober during fresher's week, but there's actually no shame in taking a night or two off from drinking! Getting wasted isn't for everyone and there will be loads of socials and activities that don't involve alcohol.

Nights out are fun but a week of constant drinking isn't healthy. During my own fresher's week, I spent a night in with my flatmates, eating cheesy chips and watching Mean Girls (I say watching, I mean quoting the lines along with the characters in our most impressive American accents!) But this is now one of our fondest memories, no alcohol featured!

4. Explore

You're in a new town or city, starting a new chapter of your life. Get off campus and explore! Jump on a bus, any bus and see what you can find. Have a walk down little side streets (safe ones, obviously). Try coffee shops that aren't Starbucks. Spend some time in the park. Embrace your new surroundings and make them your home.

5. Throw yourself in!

When I started uni, I saw it as a chance to re-invent myself and Fresher's Week is the perfect time to start that process. Don't worry about fitting in or looking cool, all of that pretty much goes out the window at uni anyway. Be yourself, grab every opportunity you can and you'll be fine!

Are you starting uni this September? How are you feeling about Fresher's Week?
Or maybe you're a Fresher's old-timer (like me, sob) and you have a tip to share? Comment below, or tweet me @SianKathrine

Sian Kathrine xo

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