Erase Paste

Monday, 31 August 2015

Hello lovelies!

When I first started this blog, I warned you all that I'm probably the world's biggest Benefit fan and that there will be about a million posts about Benefit products. Another one is coming your way, sorry! (But not really sorry.)

This little pot of wonder is the BEST concealer I've ever used. In between uni, nights out and working really unsociable hours, dark under-eye circles seem to be a constant feature on my face. I've tried so many different concealers but none of them have worked anywhere near as well as Erase Paste.

I can only describe Erase Paste as industrial-strength. The product itself is lovely and creamy, and quite thick so less is definitely more. The very first time I used it I got a bit over-enthusiastic, put way too much on and when I tried to blend it, it went everywhere and I ended up looking like a ghost! It took me a couple of tries to master but once I did the results were amazing.

Not only does Erase Paste cover my dark circles, it actually brightens the whole eye area, which is perfect for making me look bright eyed and awake after a big night out or an exhausting week at work.

What about you? What's your favourite product for hiding dark circles and those pesky blemishes?

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Sian Kathrine xo


  1. This sounds great and you've taken a lovely photo too. I hope to see you over on my blog soon.
    Charlotte //

  2. Thankyou sweetie! I'm actually struggling a bit on the photo front at the minute because I'm just using my iPhone camera so photos aren't as good as I'd like them to be! Need to start saving for a proper camera I think! xo