5 Tips To Survive Exam Season

Sunday, 17 May 2015
Hello lovelies!

Exam and essay season is pretty much upon us, and if you're a student like me, you're probably in a constant state of stress wondering how the hell you're going to make it through the next six weeks or so alive. You'll be up to your eyeballs in books and referencing and living off caffeine and Doritos. Well, I am anyway.

I've put together a list of what gets me through this horrible time of year, so if you really are despairing, maybe one of these will work for you!

1. Planning is key. 
One of the hardest aspects of student life is motivating yourself to do work, and when you're stressed, staying in bed binge-watching Netflix seems like a much more attractive option. For me, planning ahead is vital. Write yourself a timetable for between now and your last deadline. Plan each day as much as you can, which assessment/exam you're going to work on and how long for. Stick it on your wall or somewhere you can see it, and cross off the days so you can see how long you have left. When something is visual you're more likely to stick to it!

2. Find a study buddy.
This may not work for everyone, but I usually find it easier to do work when I'm sat with someone else. If I try to work on my own I get too easily distracted and get nothing done. Even if you sit in complete silence with your study buddy, you can take breaks together and motivate each other when you're starting to flag!

3. Food!
Doing work on an empty stomach is the worst! Make sure you're eating regular and filling meals and some yummy revision/essay snacks usually help keep you going! My favourites are Doritos and grapes which I can just pick at as I go along, along with a lot of tea!

4. Mix it up
I can never work on one thing for too long, I get bored and distracted. Usually it's better to do things in short, sharp bursts, especially if you have quite a few assessments or exams in a short space of time.

Probably my most important tip! During this time of year it's so important to look after yourself, so PLEASE take some time out every so often! Have a cup of tea, go for a walk, visit a friend, anything that will give you a little break. Eat good food, get enough sleep and get some fresh air, it'll make exam season a lot easier to survive!

Obviously not all of these may work for you, everyone's different but make sure you all pay attention to #5!

How's exam season going for you? What are your top tips for staying motivated and getting through? Let me know!

Sian Kathrine xo


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